Recorded Teaching

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Our Recorded Teaching Database is currently under construction.

If you would like any other recorded teachings please email us at:

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How to Search the Recorded Teaching on the Web Sitemain topic

Basic Search

  1. Select the area you would like to search.
    • Sunday Morning will bring up the current years worth of study.
    • Sunday School will be the studies done by other speakers over the past years.
    • Bible Study will be where the Book studies are located as well as other topical studies.                                                                                                             -Click the drop down box next to Bible Study and make your selection

Advanced search will open up more search possibilities.

Select the various drop down menus and make your selections

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If you are having trouble finding anything make sure that the “Max Results” is 1000 or more.

Example:  Topic:  Sunday Morning Sermons will give ALL the Sunday Morning services that are in the data base.